Points of Light

Work What Moradin Gave You

Atlas Entry 12
On the fourth floor, we found three separate doors, each with a different symbol next to a keyhole. “Piety claims its proper place above all else” adorned the door with a mithral silvery moon. The second door was a golden sun and the third, covered with shining adamantine stars.

Maze of Glorious Holes

Atlas Entry 11
We found a square room with a walkway forming a cross, separating the room into four quadrants. The quadrants were further sectioned by a line of pillars that seemed to turn the beyond into darkness. Four statues were visible in dim light beyond the pillars, a death knight, a vampire, a lich, and a mummy.

The Exterminata

Atlas Entry 8
We wandered into a sort of maze with spirits of the damned trapped in see-through walls. There were skeletons and ghosts wandering the maze. We tactically withdrew, being overwhelmed from too many fronts, and the spirits of the maze clearly not wishing to fight with us on even ground.

Baldin Can Smell Her Cunny

Atlas Entry 5
Men were not born to this world to walk upon ice. For two hours, we fought an eladrin woman, a bitch of frost. Her lackeys died in the first ten minutes. Alteris fell, his face planted firmly to the cold ice floor, and flailed about like a suffocating hell carp for the following twenty. Horatio made it across the damned room, Baldin trailing only a slight behind. That was when we found out the slut whore could teleport.

The Mithral Key

Atlas Entry 3
I can still hear them, the crowds. Someone had lost; something had died, its blood smeared on the walls, the floors, and on us. I raise my sword arm, my off-arm painfully dislocated at the elbow. The crowd is sated momentarily of their bloodlust, their screams making my ears ring with glory.

Journal Pyramid Part 2

Hello, journal. It’s Atlas. I finally got a hold of some paper and some ink. It looks like I’ve been saved. Apparently, I was the only survivor. That bastard dragonborn, Garosh’Vren left the three of us to die. He’s dead now, his bounty was probably made because he is a gigantic prick. I am now in the presence of wood-people, and a particularly large wood-man forced me to read his journal, to catch up. It seems that this group of adventurers knows who I am.

Journal Pyramid
Pyramid of Shadows

Entry 1
My name is Ferrus. And I travel, an avatar of nature, to gain strength, and return to my fey masters. In the nearby town, Winterhaven, I sought a group of noble adventurers. I found a dwarf named Baldin, proud, respectful, and strong. I found Alteris Forrester, with a pleasing name, and the deep seated and deserved fear of nature. I found the wood elf, Aerandar Swordstorm, master of a twin blade style, a style I found adequate, even if the wielder has fallen far from his fey cousins. I found Akmenos, an armored fellow, with horns, that I knew little about. At first I thought he was a satyr. I was wrong.

Journal Atlas

[These are notes written in the back of the journal, listed from back to front]

Journal TSL
Thunderspire Labyrinth

Entry 1
My name is Atlas Epotus, specialist, and we have departed for Thunderspire Mountain. We are an adventuring team, lead by the noble dwarf, Baldin Fireforge. I travel with Baldin, an elven swordmaster named Aerandar, a warlock named Alteris, and a Tiefling Paladin of Avandra named Akmenos. We had found treasure and adventure in the Shadowfell Keep, and the virtues of healing magic. I’ve also found a distaste for crossbows. We search for information on slaves, originally inhabitants of Winterhaven. We will meet with the Bloodreaver clan and convince them to find a new source of labor. -Atlas

Journal KotS
Part I: Keep of the Shadowfell

Entry 1
Caravan stopped at a town named Winterhaven. Roads aren’t safe. Life is poor as a guard. -Atlas

Entry 2
It’s been over two weeks. I no longer have money for food, so I’ve been begging for scraps. Felraith beat me in a dart game. He used throwing hammers. Life is poor as a guard. -Atlas

Entry 3
Felraith and I found an adventuring party. Dwarven Cleric of Moradin named Baldin Fireforge. He’s a good man. Elf named Aerandar Swordstorm. I think I’ll become good friends with him. A mage named Alteris Forrester. He seems nice enough, but is a bit paranoid. A somber armor-knight named Jaxin Bloodnail. He seems like he’s got a level head. Life is getting better. -Atlas


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