Ferrus the Wolf

Shadows in the Forest


Appearance: A full helmet hides his face and his armor is made of scraps of leathers and iron plates. A heavy metal kite shield is permanently attached to his right arm. Though most Wolf’s body is covered by armor, his exposed flesh has a deep brown color, with the texture of bark. Attached to his belt is an iron short sword, slightly touched by rust, and a 6 inch totem made of carved bone, decorated by red feathers.

Ability Scores: Str 15, Dex 11, Int 8, Con 18, Wis 17, Cha 11

Trained Skills: Athletics, Arcana, Diplomacy, Nature

Features: Living Construct, Improved Warforged Resolve (increased temporary health), Primal Guardian (constitution as main defensive score), Ritual Casting, Wild Shape (primal beast made of shadows), Implement Expertise [Totem]

Main Weapons: Totem, Staff, Broken Short Sword (dagger)

Armor: Hide Armor, Heavy Shield

Alignment: Unaligned (Neutral Evil; Ferrus, as a creature of the forest, believes in the importance of predators and prey, and survival of the fittest.)


7 years ago, Ferrus was a human bounty hunter named Victor Wolfe. After suffering his defeat in the recesses of the Vesve Forest, they fey that resided there captured him. With the use of wicked fey magic, he was tortured, his memories were erased, and his human body was transformed into a woodling, and thusly a creature of the forest.

The wicked fey instilled in him a lust for vengeance against torturers that he will never remember, and a hatred for any creature that dares question nature and the circle of life, pain, suffering, and death. Retaining his human greed and desires, he took up the adventuring path to slake his thirsts, new and old.

As a creature of the forest, he took up the druidic path, learned to empower plants to aid him, call upon winds and bolts of lightning, and even summon hidden fairies to aid him. Ferrus can manifest the rage of the forest as a black shadow, 8 feet tall, vaguely resembling a bipedal wolf or bear, save with dozens of bloodshot eyes on its body. His adventuring name is Ferrus the Wolf, taking the name from what was engraved on his broken iron sword.

At home, in the Vesve forest, he has a few forest friends. Notable ones include Yuuya Heartsong, a scarlet haired elf child, and Harmony, a dryad girl who cared for him as he got used to his new body (and was mostly responsible for transforming him). He also has a student-teacher relationship with an Eladrin named Rubi (actually of Insoril bloodline, and responsible for rewriting his memory). His closest ally, however, is an ice fairy named Cirno, and through her, he’d made many pacts with other fairies.

Ferrus the Wolf

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