Baron Stockmer

Baron of Harkenwold


Baron Aureus Stockmer was once a mighty warrior, renowned throughout the land for his massive greatsword and ferocious battle cries. Thanks to his bravery and military skill at the Battle of Harken Hill, the goblin warchief Grintz the Flinty-Eyed was soundly defeated in battle and his army was utterly destroyed. The Baron still keeps Grintz’s skull on a wall in his trophy room, next to his now-retired greatsword.

After his victory, Stockmer built his keep on Harken Hill and has ruled from his seat there for the past thirty or so years. During this time he has grown noticeably heavier and less energetic, but his spirit and his mind are just as proud and forceful as they have always been. He is a kind and protective lord, and he regularly hears petitions from the common folk in Harken Keep.

Baron Stockmer

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