Points of Light

Troll Penises

Atlas 25
During a break, we were able to disenchant a few of our magical trinkets for residuum. Before reaching Chendl, we came upon a powerful magical relic called the McRib. Baldin disenchanted it, with an equally magical reagent, in the shape of a simple towel.

The Allstars and I invested in a number of firebombs, in order to better combat the trolls. They’re strung in a bandoleer on my chest. Can’t trust them in the pack. I gotta be careful if I’m jumping for cover.

Horatio asked for a firebomb. He wishes to share in the glory with me. Together, we will earn the title of Trollbane.

Atlas 25.5
He learned that he had to throw the firebomb and couldn’t just whack someone with it over their head, so he gave it back.

Atlas 26
We came upon a large stone, some sort of landmark. Like around the gladiatorial pits in Hades, it listed a creature and its accomplishments. It was a territory marker, marking the land of Vard, under the first king of Vardar.

Life is full of learning about boring people with no real accomplishments of note.

Atlas 27
This entry is hastily scribbled
Found scary cave that looks like monster face. Stalagmite teeth, stream goes into the mouth.

Trolls in cave. Weak to fire. One called me an asshole. Alteris new scar, 8 pointed star on forehead.

Next cave section, crazy Troll seer, pile of skulls, giant bear. Some skulls flew and spat fireballs.

Have been collecting burnt troll parts as proof of victory. Will return to Chendl as heroes.



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