Points of Light

Trolls are Dishonorable

Atlas 32
A bridge was held over the river that goes through the warrens. We thought it was a pretty good bridge. Baldin did not agree. If I was a gladiator as much as Baldin was a Dwarf, we’d be well out of this mess.

The last batch of trolls we fought were DISHONORABLE! All we ask for, as manly men, is honorable combat! Fine spirits and finer women aside, all we want is fresh-spilt blood on the sands of a colosseum, earned by virtue of the art of war. Well, that’s all I want. Anyway, those bastards threw giant boulders at us from fifty feet away. How is that fair? There is no way.

We’re getting used to fighting the trolls and nothics. I managed to grab the back of a nothic’s head as Horatio killed it. The acid burst from that thing was too predictable for me. Unfortunately, I aimed the thing at Horatio. My bad, Horatio.

Collins impressed me as a warrior today. Through mutterings of, “I don’t know if I wanna go up there, all bloodied,” he gave into his inner warrior with a resounding, “aw fuck it.”

We managed to save some survivors, humans and halflings. They were about to be troll-food. Surely, the Skalmad we are fighting is no civilized creature. In the pits, he’d be chained to the floor, and released to be killed for sport. Life is fighting the beast to win.

Atlas 33
The king is dead, but we could not recover his axe, nor his eye. And now, his army marches upon Chendl. I pray that the men under Bax’s command can hold… Life is a privilege by those who can fight for it.



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