Points of Light

Knocking Out the Stupid

Atlas 28
Drunken scrawl
Lost clean clothes after trying to save Collins’ by way of gambling. Lost gold to Baldin because Collins continued to eat own nasal confectionaries. Chendl has crappy force of guardsmen. We are made up of a

  • gladiator – Atlas
  • butler – Horatio
  • merc – Collins
  • merchant – Forrester
  • pervert – Baldin

in his own words.. ‘we can’t do nothin’ for security but I can show you how to fuck a goat’

Later hired dragonborn, Bax, to head town watch. Life is made of ale and funny bubbles.

Atlas 29
Will-o-wisps. Giant lobsters.

Atlas 30
Making two subtle taps, I lifted the bar blocking the gate to the Troll Warrens, clacking it soundly against its resting place. After taking out the front guards in glorious battle, we encountered some dangerous creatures, affected by the tide. Strange single-eyed creatures called nothics attacked us. They are dangerous, as when they are killed, they explode into pools of acidic, quickly crystallizing liquid. And in our furious assaults, all of our enemies are sure to die.

One of the creatures attempted to turn Collins into one of its own. In response to our mercenary friend’s mortal danger, Horatio jumped off of a 10 foot ledge and landed on his face. Baldin responded slightly better. To prevent his gradual change into the creature, and loss of will and intellect, Baldin proceeded to knock the stupid out of Collins. Collins is okay now.

We later came across both a curing room, filled with smoked meats and river fish (but with poor architecture, as Baldin noted), and a troglodyte hatchery. Life is about dining well.

Atlas 31
Befriending a black dragon named Gloomfang, as friendly as dragons come, we came into possession of an acid-wounding hand-and-a-half sword. For now, Horatio will use it to make short work of the trolls we fight. If only I could practice my swordplay enough to wield it as well as my gladius… Life is about making my right arm stronger than my left.



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