Points of Light

Light On Fire, You Son of a Bitch

Atlas Entry 20
Recap entry. We are headed to free city Chendl, a short south-east of the Vesve forest. We seek allies to the elves of Chendl, particularly a baron of Feryondy of the kingdom of Therend (probably long dead, so hopefully a descendant).

I am slowly gaining my memories back. First to return were memories of Forrester’s sister who was extremely wanted to I don’t even I am not gaining any memory back. Life is more than the past. -Atlas

Atlas Entry 21
There were trolls on the road. They ate a horse. We could not save said horse. They were lead by an Oni Mage, a strange blue creature with a falchion, capable of invisibility. I would not mind being able to turn invisible.

After searching the area, we found an unconscious creature named Thomas, a messenger traveling away from Chendl. He bade us to follow him off the beaten path in order to avoid further troll patrols. He seemed trustworthy enough.

As is well known, the creatures, trolls, must be slain with fire. Without proper time to bury the slain horse and its human rider (I am assuming that Thomas rode behind him in the same saddle, and thus give him a wide berth), we decided to cremate the bodies.

Baldin performed a rite of Moradin.

“Light on fire, you son of a bitch.”

The holy hammer, infused with the power of the Dwarven god bestowed upon the bodies the blessing of lighting on fire. Those sons of bitches.

Life is about meeting people of different faith and seeing how they do things. -Atlas

Atlas Entry 22
He was the oni mage.

Two giant snakes and two bog hags (they were shapeshifters too).

I would not mind being able to change my shape and face.

As the battle wound to an end, the oni mage fled and left behind the dead courier’s letter. It was a request for military aid to a Baron Perenon. It informed him that his son Etheren is dead, losing his ancestral sword in the process. Proof was brought of his death from the Trollhaunt. A troll named Skalmad was trying to resurrect the ancient troll kingdom of Vardar. The writer, Relana Dhoram, seemed to have little hope for Chendl.

Baldin and I agreed. This woman’s request would not go unheard. Life is about seeking glory in front of as many people as possible. -Atlas

Atlas Entry 23
Reaching the city of Chendl, we met with its mayor, lady Relana Dhoram. Further, we interviewed a dragonborn named Max Shadowfax Sacks Bax in the Cloudwatch Inn, the best in town.

To the east is the Trollhaunt, a territory a part of Vardar, centuries ago. The name of the sword we must recover is called the Sunwrath, and that would be returned to Baron Perenon.

In my infinite wisdom and sense, I smoothly asked our lady if we could, “kindly be provided with horses.” With a nod and smile, my wish was granted to me. Furthering voicing our wishes, our wise, though painfully direct companion, Baldin, so wished, “can we get.. condoms with these horses?”

The Greyhawk Allstars left Chendl without horses.

Atlas Entry 23.5

  • The fallen prince seemed to guess at a place south of Bravek to be the residence of the Troll King
  • To get to the heart of Trollhaunt, we must traverse the Great Warrens, boasting a series of underground tunnels and caverns
  • The dragonborn warned us about the king’s relic, something called Morann’s eye
  • The Sunwrath is likely in possession of Skalmad. This fact is most worrisome

Atlas 24
Getting through the Warrens was much easier than even I had guessed. Things went off without any problems. Noble Horatio was dependable this day. Many things have happened today that have never happened before. Ever. Life is full of grand achievements. -Atlas



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