Points of Light

Where Are the Shrine Maidens

Atlas Entry 17.5
Note to self. Need to buy more clothing due to fire.
Also note to self. Put fire out when on fire.

Atlas Entry 18
Honor and glory, death to the deathless, metal to those without.

Blood does not belong on the floors of a newly constructed temple of Bahamut. So when Baldin and I gloriously rushed in and saved the magistrate of Cockport Crockport, justice and retribution were quickly served, in the way that two paladins of the Raven Queen and Moradin serve best.

Baldin’s dwarven senses lead him to find the expertly hidden trap door that lead to the cultist hideout. I commend the good dwarf for finding even what my keenest gladiator senses overlooked. I must hone my skills, further.

Beneath, we found that the cultists’ likely master was Levistus, a devil from one of the nine hells of Baator. The place was covered in frost. When the frost-wolves came, Collins did exceptionally well, guarding our backs, as the Stair Master. Forrester and I picked off what we could, supporting our brazen fighters from behind them, as they rushed in for the kills.

The desperate cry echoed throughout the icy room, “Oh, gods! I’m next to a pit!” Soon, the cry changed from desperation to horror, “OH GODS! I’M IN THE PIT!” Horatio’s metallic whine resounded against the walls. As Baldin and Horatio had rushed forward, two cultists with powerful blast-creating magics forced our ally into a pit of cool Stygian death.

Thankfully, we prevailed. The vile cultist’s last words were, “seriously, you marking me?”

Atlas Entry 19
Turns out they were trying to summon devil reinforcements in the next room. There was a cauldron full of boiling blood that seemed important. After tipping it over, I realized that the cauldron was the focus both for the summoning ritual, and the ward-ritual that was protecting the cultist devil summoners from harm. As I write this, my left eye is sealed from a bruise, and there are more pains in either of my sides than I know organs exist.

We defeated and banished several devils, one of which was quite likely a succubus, complete with charm magic. I have a feeling that Forrester is quite susceptible to charm magic. After watching my good friend tongue-wrestle with a whore for several minutes, I decided to smash my fist against his skull, then tie him down with magical threads. I meant to apologize after the fight ended, but he tried to molest me, as if I were a woman.

Also, the succubus offered to call a truce and offered magical items. I believe there is a set time and place for negotiations. A last minute effort to save ones life is a coward’s tactic.

Anyway, all is well for now. I will apologize to Forrester, now that I’ve cooled down. Life is about killing those that other people deem killing acceptable. -Atlas



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