Points of Light


Atlas Entry 17
Hello again, journal. We’re still in the Seven-Pillared Hall. Collins and I have unsuccessfully tried to seduce about a dozen drow women. Nothing works, from pretending to be Lolth-chosen, or covering our faces in black charcoal, and offering to be tied in rope and chain.

Anyway, our party settled down in a tavern called the Bloated Medusa. Baldin took out a deck of three dragon ante, a game I instinctively knew how to play. The Allstars all put down gold on the table. And all the other fools who dared play hands, I promised, in my mind, that I’d take their money, as well.

That bastard, Alteris kept taking my gold in the early rounds. Baldin kept playing like a dwarf. In hindsight, I should not have been so surprised. I never realized how difficult it was to play with the two of them. I couldn’t cheat, even if I tried. Well, I took an extra gold piece from the pot, every now and then, but that doesn’t even count. I don’t mention Princess Horatio, because she kept eating her cards, struggling to play. The only card she knew how to play was, “The Princess”. She didn’t play it correctly, mind you.

The final hand of the night was decided by a flight 7-card strong. I ruined one of those mages, and instead of money, I asked for the magical belt that kept his pants up. In hindsight, I’m glad he was a good sport about it. Anyway, it was worth it. Life is all about stealing magic items from powerful wizards. -Atlas



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