Points of Light

Everybody is so Different, I Haven't Changed

After having spent several days in the Seven-Pillared Hall drinking, gambling, and celebrating life as the Mages of Saerun’s new champions, it was time to head out and begin the quest set forth by Lady Vyrellis to return the pendant to the fey prince. Not knowing how long they would be gone, the Allstars passed through the town of Winterhaven to spend some time with old friends. However, their homecoming was not quite what they expected from the simple people of Winterhaven. Although, no one dared to be outright rude, the once open-arms attitude the party once enjoyed gave way to timid hellos and downcast glances. It was not uncommon for the villagers to cross the street when they saw the party coming, giving wide berth as the party made its way through the small village.

“It’s to be expected, frankly,” said Lord Padraig. “With the havoc that has been unleashed on this world through the centuries, you had to know your adventuring lifestyle would be a problem for many simple townfolk.”

“Aye, in my travels, I’ve encountered the same town-after-town, yet I expected a diff’rent reaction this time…we can’t be blamin’ ‘em though,” said Baldin.

As the party looked over themselves, they noticed the ancient weapons, relics, armor adourning their bodies and realized that never again would they be viewed as “one of the people”. In a relatively small amount of time the party has encountered devils, demons, undead, necromancers, and aberrations from the Far Realm. They have battled with ageless warriors and sorcerors with centuries of experience…and won.

“Your’s is a dangerous life and the stakes are high, the rewards are big but the potential losses are bigger,” mused Lord Padraig. “However, Avandra only knows what we would’ve done without you, and trust me, although the people may act differently, they remember what you have done and they are thankful for it.”

“However, your days of entering an inn in relative obscurity and blending in with the local folk have come to an end….your destiny is much bigger my friends…and thank the gods you are on our side,” exclaimed Lord Padraig.

“Just never forget where you started and always remember the little people,” joked Lord Padraig. With that, Baldin looked up while tapping on his maul and said, “I may be short, but I ken assure ya, I be hard to forget!”. And with that, the room erupted into laughter….



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