Points of Light


Its dark… there’s spiders and undead everywhere… and the rogue seems to have lost his journal he writes in. Damn I need another pop tart.

We Live Another Day

:: A transcript of a tavern-told story, by a certain gaunt and pale-skin human calling himself Atlas ::

That’s a good story, friend. But I have one for you.

:: Some shouts in the tavern. One patron screams Trollslayer! ::

I am called Atlas the trollslayer; look at the trophies I wear, you know it to be true.

I travel with the iron automaton, Horatio, his creators only order was to jam his metal appendages into troll ass. I just wish he knew how to do anything else. Hey, metal man! I have a candleabra here. Could you please avoid sticking it up your metal ass?

:: “Fuck you Atlas!” is heard. Laughter follows. ::

I travel with the dwarf, Baldin Thorgrim Fireforge... Hammer-tosser, Horse-fucker, an avatar of the dwarven god of METAL. When we arrived to assist the noble elves in the city’s defense..

:: Cheers and stomping ::

In the city’s defense, I found him in an alley fucking two horses and Saul’s new wife.

:: “How could you tell the difference?” is heard. Laughter ::

Then the trolls started attacking!

:: More laughter ::

I travel with Collins, master of swordplay, master of the bow and arrow… no master of the gambling houses as some of you may know. Collins, master of pits of fire!

:: Collins continues drinking silently. The patrons match his silence. ::

Though Collins was scalded like a slave… In his defense, my friends… She was ugly, and the fire was the better alternative! Collins, my friends, had found the reason that the fomorians wage war upon the surface. They’ll do anything to get out of the house, away from the woman!

:: Laughter ::

I once traveled… with a mage named Alteris Forrester... He was a good man, who saved me many times in battle…

:: Reverent silence ::

And that fucker is sitting right there, alive and unhurt! He’s decided to stay in this beautiful city of Chendl!

:: Cheers, yelling, pats on the back on a particularly drunk Alteris ::

Take your damn gold, Alteris. Start a family. Men, hide your wives!

:: “You can have mine!” is yelled. Laughter ::

I travel with Silas, Eladrin mind wizard, of the noble elves! If any of you are wondering why his nose is a bit twisted, in solving the puzzle of the entrance of Moss-Kragg, he decided to think with his head! Wham! His pretty face undid the most intricate magics that the fomorians could muster! Gentlemen, this man shits magic dust and pisses rainbows.

And in our travels, we hunted Skalmad like a dog. Nothing. There was nothing in Moss-Kragg that could hinder our war upon the Troll Kingdom. Tens, hundreds came. All fell to spear, hammer, and blade. We slew cowardly drow, forcing their ilk fleeing back into the darkness.

In the feywild, the magics in the air tested our mortal forms. Horatio fell to her illusions, saw things in the darkness he said. I told him, what? You see something? You’re making it up! Like you said you used to have a family!

We slew a fomorian hero, Collins’ ex-girlfriend, it didn’t work out, and she lays dead, rotting on the steps to the fortress! Notice he isn’t talking. That’s because not an hour from displaying his prowess as a whirlwind of steel, he whirlwinded his steel into the belly of a crocodile!

No! No! Don’t ask me how it happened! Yes, there are giant crocodiles in the feywild. I don’t know why, you ask the fucking elves!

Deep in the fortress, fighting trolls, fomorians, hell, we even fought displacer beasts. We found the fabled Stone Cauldron and the resurrected Troll King Vard. The bastard was twice as strong as Skalmad, three times as tough, ten times as ugly! ...But only half as ugly as your wife.

:: Laughter, cheers, and drinking ::

I can kill trolls any day of the week, but you’re more man than I, having done battle with that beast.

The troll king is dead again! We made sure of it! I have the scars to show it! And I’d gladly do it again, in defense of Chendl! In defense of the men of this dying world! Drink, my friends! For we live another day!


Atlas 34
At my behest, we stayed another hour in the Warrens, searching for some sort of divine fortune that would help us in the battle against the troll army. Collins received a painful burning, scarring his face horrendously, in the sort of manner that, in the arena, would make him more popular.

In the Warrens, however, we found nothing. At the end of patience, Baldin began to head back to Chendl. Giving up hope in turn, the rest of us followed. I don’t know what I was searching for. Maybe I just wanted to delay the inevitable.

I have fought man, beast, and troll. But I do not wish to fight an army.

Life is facing off with the impossible, no matter how heavy one’s heart.

Atlas 35
We’ve traveled back to Chendl from the Warrens. Approaching Chendl, we found a wake of burnt farms and corpses of villagers. We just managed to save a single family. Worry still clouded Baldin’s face, but I knew that this victory warmed his heart.

I have my suspicions, however, that while I am writing this, he is sexually defiling the farmers’ horses.

Atlas 36
The town has been sieged by the trolls. We defended a gate from an attack, almost by ourselves. We were swarmed by trolls, nothiks, and even the blind grimlocks, well away from their dark caves. Entering the gate, we defended an aquatic attack from the river.

Baldin was clearly disturbed by the carnage taken place in the city. I told him, simply, “we’re doing what we can.” I could say no more truths.

A major attack of wyverns and a manticore-mounted troglodyte had me down. I was on my back throwing cards, fighting for my life. Collins, I believe, was hidden in a building, crying himself to sleep. Alteris, however, was reaping the sky with his necrotic magics, tearing wyverns apart in rot and decay.

Collins redeemed himself shortly after by jumping through a window like a true warrior. With pop-tart filling on the side of his mouth, no less.

Shortly after that, the seeds the troglodyte had been spreading burst the ground and roads into giant vines. Some of the creatures born of the earth attacked us. Horatio heroically took change, using his primal magics, taking both the form of a relentless panther, and the wild shape of a fucking faggot. Who’s the douchebag now, Ron?

After winning the fight, I managed to take the grim and still sinewy bone necklace of the troglodyte rider. Added to my macabre collection of burnt troll hands, no one will doubt our effectiveness as death dealers.

Meeting with the towns true saviors, the elven army come from the nearby feywild portal. We met with them, congratulated the other for surviving, and took count of the dead. Life is about saving who we can.

Atlas 37
According to the information Alteris and the sage, Rualis, has found that an artifact used by Skalmad will have resurrected him. This explains the mysterious magical immolation of Skalmad upon his defeat and his promise of return.

Further, if this artifact, the Stone Cauldron, is used a second time, the ancient troll king, Vard, will return.

We have learned that the cauldron is a site, a magic spring, once able to raise entire armies from the dead. And surely, the cauldron has much to do with Skalmad’s recent rise to power.

A portal to the Emerald Dream must be located within the Warrens, to serve as a point for Skalmad’s travel. We will find it. We will find it, we will tear his eye from his still-living body, and we will desecrate his corpse in the same manner his army has done to the good people of Chendl. Life is about following your enemies across worlds in order to exact vengeance.

Trolls are Dishonorable

Atlas 32
A bridge was held over the river that goes through the warrens. We thought it was a pretty good bridge. Baldin did not agree. If I was a gladiator as much as Baldin was a Dwarf, we’d be well out of this mess.

The last batch of trolls we fought were DISHONORABLE! All we ask for, as manly men, is honorable combat! Fine spirits and finer women aside, all we want is fresh-spilt blood on the sands of a colosseum, earned by virtue of the art of war. Well, that’s all I want. Anyway, those bastards threw giant boulders at us from fifty feet away. How is that fair? There is no way.

We’re getting used to fighting the trolls and nothics. I managed to grab the back of a nothic’s head as Horatio killed it. The acid burst from that thing was too predictable for me. Unfortunately, I aimed the thing at Horatio. My bad, Horatio.

Collins impressed me as a warrior today. Through mutterings of, “I don’t know if I wanna go up there, all bloodied,” he gave into his inner warrior with a resounding, “aw fuck it.”

We managed to save some survivors, humans and halflings. They were about to be troll-food. Surely, the Skalmad we are fighting is no civilized creature. In the pits, he’d be chained to the floor, and released to be killed for sport. Life is fighting the beast to win.

Atlas 33
The king is dead, but we could not recover his axe, nor his eye. And now, his army marches upon Chendl. I pray that the men under Bax’s command can hold… Life is a privilege by those who can fight for it.

Knocking Out the Stupid

Atlas 28
Drunken scrawl
Lost clean clothes after trying to save Collins’ by way of gambling. Lost gold to Baldin because Collins continued to eat own nasal confectionaries. Chendl has crappy force of guardsmen. We are made up of a

  • gladiator – Atlas
  • butler – Horatio
  • merc – Collins
  • merchant – Forrester
  • pervert – Baldin

in his own words.. ‘we can’t do nothin’ for security but I can show you how to fuck a goat’

Troll Penises

Atlas 25
During a break, we were able to disenchant a few of our magical trinkets for residuum. Before reaching Chendl, we came upon a powerful magical relic called the McRib. Baldin disenchanted it, with an equally magical reagent, in the shape of a simple towel.

The Allstars and I invested in a number of firebombs, in order to better combat the trolls. They’re strung in a bandoleer on my chest. Can’t trust them in the pack. I gotta be careful if I’m jumping for cover.

Horatio asked for a firebomb. He wishes to share in the glory with me. Together, we will earn the title of Trollbane.

Light On Fire, You Son of a Bitch

Atlas Entry 20
Recap entry. We are headed to free city Chendl, a short south-east of the Vesve forest. We seek allies to the elves of Chendl, particularly a baron of Feryondy of the kingdom of Therend (probably long dead, so hopefully a descendant).

I am slowly gaining my memories back. First to return were memories of Forrester’s sister who was extremely wanted to I don’t even I am not gaining any memory back. Life is more than the past. -Atlas

Where Are the Shrine Maidens

Atlas Entry 17.5
Note to self. Need to buy more clothing due to fire.
Also note to self. Put fire out when on fire.

Atlas Entry 18
Honor and glory, death to the deathless, metal to those without.

Blood does not belong on the floors of a newly constructed temple of Bahamut. So when Baldin and I gloriously rushed in and saved the magistrate of Cockport Crockport, justice and retribution were quickly served, in the way that two paladins of the Raven Queen and Moradin serve best.


Atlas Entry 17
Hello again, journal. We’re still in the Seven-Pillared Hall. Collins and I have unsuccessfully tried to seduce about a dozen drow women. Nothing works, from pretending to be Lolth-chosen, or covering our faces in black charcoal, and offering to be tied in rope and chain.

Anyway, our party settled down in a tavern called the Bloated Medusa. Baldin took out a deck of three dragon ante, a game I instinctively knew how to play. The Allstars all put down gold on the table. And all the other fools who dared play hands, I promised, in my mind, that I’d take their money, as well.

Everybody is so Different, I Haven't Changed

After having spent several days in the Seven-Pillared Hall drinking, gambling, and celebrating life as the Mages of Saerun’s new champions, it was time to head out and begin the quest set forth by Lady Vyrellis to return the pendant to the fey prince. Not knowing how long they would be gone, the Allstars passed through the town of Winterhaven to spend some time with old friends. However, their homecoming was not quite what they expected from the simple people of Winterhaven. Although, no one dared to be outright rude, the once open-arms attitude the party once enjoyed gave way to timid hellos and downcast glances. It was not uncommon for the villagers to cross the street when they saw the party coming, giving wide berth as the party made its way through the small village.

“It’s to be expected, frankly,” said Lord Padraig. “With the havoc that has been unleashed on this world through the centuries, you had to know your adventuring lifestyle would be a problem for many simple townfolk.”

“Aye, in my travels, I’ve encountered the same town-after-town, yet I expected a diff’rent reaction this time…we can’t be blamin’ ‘em though,” said Baldin.

As the party looked over themselves, they noticed the ancient weapons, relics, armor adourning their bodies and realized that never again would they be viewed as “one of the people”. In a relatively small amount of time the party has encountered devils, demons, undead, necromancers, and aberrations from the Far Realm. They have battled with ageless warriors and sorcerors with centuries of experience…and won.

“Your’s is a dangerous life and the stakes are high, the rewards are big but the potential losses are bigger,” mused Lord Padraig. “However, Avandra only knows what we would’ve done without you, and trust me, although the people may act differently, they remember what you have done and they are thankful for it.”

“However, your days of entering an inn in relative obscurity and blending in with the local folk have come to an end….your destiny is much bigger my friends…and thank the gods you are on our side,” exclaimed Lord Padraig.

“Just never forget where you started and always remember the little people,” joked Lord Padraig. With that, Baldin looked up while tapping on his maul and said, “I may be short, but I ken assure ya, I be hard to forget!”. And with that, the room erupted into laughter….


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